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Food & Hospitality MARKET RHYTHMS from Petit Consulting LLC | Project Update, January 2010

We are very pleased to share highlights from recent consulting projects we've conducted. Our work goes back some 30 years – testimony to the reliability and strength of our analysis, findings, and recommendations for our clients.

While the economy struggles, there continue to be opportunities for gain and improvement in foodservice and hospitality operations. Opportunities exist in staff productivity, new revenue channels, product lines, facility planning, operator contracts and market penetration. We bring this thinking to each assignment. Below are some recent examples, along with a few pieces of industry news and insight I hope you'll find useful.

All the best in 2010,

Ray E. Petit
President and Founder
Petit Consulting LLC

Eastern Michigan University | Ypsilanti, MI

10-year Dining Services master plan.

Results + client benefits:
  • Implementation plan for operational and facility improvements
  • Capital projects roll-out plan
  • 10-yr. financial projections
  • Improvements to the resident dining program
* * * * *

Industry Surveys Indicate... Hot menu trends on college campuses will be Thai, Mediterranean/Greek, Indian, Middle Eastern, Cuban and Latin – cuisines that students will line up for. Operators report that menu additions they are planning will bring Caribbean, Mediterranean/Greek and Thai/Pacific Rim dishes to campus.

* * * * *
Emerson College | Boston, MA

Evaluation and planning for Dining program and facilities – upgrades and expanded capacity.
Recommendations on management contract content and clauses.

Results + client benefits:
  • Preference and opinion data from students, faculty and administrators
  • Increased service capacity due to operational and facility changes
  • New meal plan options
  • Strengthened negotiating leverage with the management contractor
  • Multi-phase action plan to accommodate expanded resident dining demand
  • Business plan analysis and development
* * * * *
Harvard Law School | Cambridge, MA

Needs assessment, full RFP services and catering program evaluation.

Results + client benefits:
  • Preference and opinion data from students, faculty assistants and administrators
  • Decision to switch management companies, with strengthened contract and reporting requirements
  • Greater menu creativity and improved food quality and presentation
  • Focused efforts by the operator to fine-tune their catering program to client's needs
* * * * *

Our Research Shows... On-campus catering programs can be good for business. Margins are better than other types of campus dining, bolstering department finances; the institution has great opportunities for positive community visibility; and it stimulates the culinary staff, bringing extra energy and creativity to a campus' resident and retail dining.

* * * * *
Virginia Beach, VA

Market research and expert witness report (for defendant).

Results + client benefits:
  • Comprehensive research and analysis of the local restaurant and bar marketplace
  • Findings contributed to federal court judge finding in favor of the client and dismissing the plaintiff's claims
* * * * *
University of Colorado at Boulder

Market research and design programming for a major dining center.

Results + client benefits:
  • Concept and space recommendations for the design team
  • Resident and retail dining facility plans for a building that will be a center of student activity
* * * * *

Trending Toward the Future... The University of California system has mandated that its campuses phase out landfill use. The June 2008 waste diversion target was 50%, it is 75% by June 2012 and landfills cannot be used by 2020.

* * * * *
University of South Florida | St. Petersburg

Space and concept programming for a new student center.

Results + client benefits:
  • Food court concept recommendations
  • Catering facility space and logistical recommendations
  • Program for phased build-out and expansion to attract management companies
* * * * *

Did You Know...? 28% of colleges' foodservice revenues are from takeout, affirming students' desire and need for portability as they move around campus. This is the highest incidence of takeout among non-commercial segments.

* * * * *
Young Harris College | Young Harris, GA

Market research leading to concept and design program for a central dining center.
Program development for a snack bar in the student recreation center.

Results + client benefits:
  • Preference and opinion data from a survey of student interests and needs
  • Space program for a central dining center serving all resident and commuter students
  • Space, concept and operational recommendations for the recreation center snack/smoothie bar
* * * * *

Our Research Indicates... Upwards of 45% of paper napkin cost can be saved if dispensers are provided on tables rather than in a central location.

* * * * *
Additional Project Work:

  • Amherst College – Dining Services program, facilities and financial performance assessment
  • Savannah State University – Student Center management contract assistance
  • U.S. Naval Academy – Small wares and equipment acquisition assistance

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